Almost time!

In less than two weeks, we’ll be in Kenya! Passports, visas and tickets are in hand. In the midst of Christmas festivities, a few of us have even started packing.

Bookmark this site to follow our travels during January. Our internet and phone access will be very limited most of the time, but our goal is to update this blog each day as an efficient way to keep everyone apprised of our activities. Each day one or two of the team members will be posting thoughts and pictures about what we’ve been doing. Following the blog should give you a pretty good overview of what we’re experiencing, learning and doing.

Of course, lots of events can impact our ability to post–power outages, network disruptions, occasionally even schedule changes may make us miss a day or two. So if we don’t post once in a ¬†while, don’t panic–we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled blogging as soon as possible.

Dave & Robin Dixon (coleaders)