Day 1

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your patience and letting us get situated and rested. Today was our first full day in Kenya! We got to experience our first church service lasting about two hours. We attended the Kijabe Church and it was extremely welcoming and was actually in English! Every new person in the church had to introduce themselves and we got to listen to many different forms of worship including children’s choir, children’s orchestra, adult choirs filled with many locals. Many of the attendees of the church were a part of Rift Valley Academy which is a school/dormitory for American kids whose parents are missionaries throughout Africa.

After the church service, we were able to explore the area in which we are staying. The weather has been pretty nice and mild. It’s been a little windy but apparently that’s what Kijabe’s known for given it’s location. Where we are located is in the mountains about 7,000 ft. above sea level. There are tons of monkeys, unique landscape, and open fields. On one of those open fields, we found a volleyball net where we got to start some team bonding with all 11 of us and had a few fun competitions. Once we couldn’t handle volleyball anymore, Annalise introduced us to a game called Nuke ‘Em. We also got to meet Isaac and Esther who basically take care of us, make sure we are safe and help us plan out our itinerary and how we can be helpful to the community here. It was great getting to know them and very helpful to learn what is culturally acceptable here.

IMG_7593Overall, we had a good, rather relaxing day as many of us are still getting used to the time change. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We will keep you posted!

~Kenzie and Lauren

(photos by Kenzie)

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