First day serving at Rift Valley Fellowship

Today was our first big adventure! We went down into Rift Valley to a town called Mai Mahiu, known for poverty and prostitution. There we were introduced to Isaac and Esther Karanja’s ministry, Rift Valley Fellowship (RVF). This nonprofit organization reaches out to the local community in a variety of ways. The organization functions as a church and provides a meal each week for the church attendees, hosts meetings for the community throughout the week, holds game days every Saturday for the children of the town. Additionally, RVF works to bring children off the streets of Mai Mahiu. It does this through providing housing, meals, and schooling for the children in hopes of guiding their life off of the streets of prostitution.

While we were there, we had the opportunity to visit some of the families who have children in the RVF program. During this time, we were able to get to know them, hear their stories, and pray for them. One group was asked to pray for rain because so many people need to the rain to survive. Despite the clear sky, clouds rolled in after lunch. While this was helpful to the town, we had to cut our visit short because the rain meant that our vans would not be able to make it back up the enormous rock and dirt hill to take us back to Kijabe. Afterwards, we had a relaxing afternoon with Chai Time at 4 p.m. as is typical for the Kenyan community.

Tomorrow we are heading back down to Rift Valley to serve in any way Isaac and Ester need us. Your prayers are appreciated as we continue on our journey. Check back tomorrow for another post!

~Alli and Annalise

(photos by Kenzie)

One Comment

  1. I am praying every day that all you meet will be touched by your prayers and kindness. Hugs to all? Kenzie’s Mommom Grace

    “May Kindness find you every day.” Wicomico grows Kindness Dance for Kindness 2017 Kindness Bracelet, the original




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