The Adventure Continues

Today was another eventful day in Kenya.  We started off the day with a cup of chai, porridge, fried eggs, toast, and bananas.  After breakfast, we went back Maai Mahiu where we met more of the Rift Valley Fellowship team.  Luckily, the weather today was absolutely beautiful.  Even in the Valley, it was a little breezy with very livable temperatures.

Several groups made visits to women and children involved in the program.  These meetings were similar to yesterdays meetings but they were unique in their own way.  We took time to hear their needs and encourage and pray for them.  More specifically, a group met a women who was currently involved with prostitution to provide for her two children and support herself.  She detailed that she was not saved yet and needed more time to think about it.  To our surprise, she listened to our encouragement and accepted our prayers.

On the way to one of the houses that was visited, we saw a corn farm with corn kernels laid out on a large tarp.  The farmers were spreading out the corn with their feet to dry out the kernels.  Later the corn will be sold in the market place.

IMG_7733The RVF staff prepared lunch for us where we got to try a variety of local sodas including Stoney (ginger beer).  We got a little adventurous and we all tried goat meat!  As a whole, the group really liked it and we’re looking forward to trying more exotic dishes.  Along with the newness of trying goat meat, many of us also tried Kenyan bathroom facilities.  Oh what an adventure!  We’re looking forward to a relaxing night with debriefing about the new experiences we had today!

-Maddie and Lindsay


  1. Open minds and open hearts are a winning combination. I love that you listen. That is a huge kindness. Prayers for all.
    Mommom Grace



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