Monkeying Around

Mambo (hello) from here in Kijabe!

It is day four for us here, and we are loving every minute of it. This morning we were introduced to mandazi (which is similar to a doughnut or fried dough). Everyone had a full, well-rested night so that we were able to go out and see the station of Kijabe. We learned much about the wonderful place that we get to call home for these three weeks. We took a walk and were able to see three volcanos (dormant of course) just from one point. These volcanos are located in the longest rift in the world coming in at around 3,000 miles. We were able to venture out and see the original railroads that ran through Kijabe. Our last stop on the famous Kijabe Dixon tour was the missionary graveyard behind the Cure hospital. We all sought out to find the oldest grave there. Kara was the winner coming in with a grave of 1909. After that we were all beat, and it was time to take a lunch break consisting of rice, chapati (extremely delicious bread), goat stew, and fruit.

The rest of the afternoon we had time to explore the dukas (which are small shops) in a section of Kijabe near the Rift Valley Academy. The group was able to meet some of the local shop keepers and see their intricate craftsmanship (we hope you are on the list for souvenirs because they are pretty cool). After our time of exploring and shopping we headed back for a relaxing evening consisting of games, reading, homework 😦 and dinner prepared by our lovely hosts (shoutout to Jennifer and Leah).

Kwa heri (Goodbye),

From your lovely hosts on this journey of our day,

Kara and Megan

PS. We are rocking the Kenyan way of being flexible. We are practicing that by having good attitudes as the water is out for today.  Prayers that it comes back soon would be greatly appreciated.

PPS. Study these words for there may be a quiz later on!


  1. Dr. Dixon’s father put the water system in for Moffat” first time I know of that the system went down. Get it back up soon. Remember most of the people you interact with never have running water. Bring mundazi home!



  2. Well it sure sounds like another great day! I am really hoping that I am on the souvenir list 🙂 Prayers for water and a continued amazing experience!
    Peace and Love, Judy (Megan’s mom)



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