Racking up the mileage

Two different activities rounded out today’s events. In the morning, we spent time at Rift Valley Academy, a school primarily for the children of missionaries across Africa. About 500 students attend the school, representing 30 different nationalities. After a tour of the campus and visiting chapel, we spent time with high school students thinking about college.  Our students found that they have a number of things in common with the students at RVA, including similar concerns about college life.

The rain held off in the afternoon, so we were able to visit the home of Martha and David, longtime friends of the Dixons. It was an opportunity to visit a more typical middle class home.  The students learned that parents here traditionally expect their children to care for them as they age.  David told our group that because they had spent their money on their children’s education, their children are providing for them now. The students noted that it is very different in American culture. We told them to start saving! Martha served us chai and carrot donuts, and David regaled us with stories and advice, just like any grandfather.


RVA is near Moffat, where we’re staying, but Martha and David’s house is a bit outside of town, so we did quite a lot of walking up and down hills. Did we mention that the altitude here is about 7,000 feet above sea level, so we get winded pretty easily. We shared the road with lots of people, a few cars, some motorcycles, a troop of baboons (we were careful), cows, sheep and goats.

Dave & Robin

P.S. We got nominated to write today’s blog because we forgot to assign someone yesterday and everyone has had a turn now. Got to plan these things better!

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