The Amazing Mango Race

Today we engaged in some friendly competition to see who could find, buy, and prepare two mangos for eating. They were judged by the following categories: fastest time, best price, presentation, best tasting, and closest time estimate. Teams were randomly generated and then had to estimate how long it would take to perform the task. Once this had been accomplished, the race was on! After navigating through a troop of baboons, bartering with the Fruit Mamas, and learning to peel mangos, all groups made it to the finish line.

  • Fastest Time: Team 2 with 40 minutes
  • Best Price: Team 2 with 60 shillings for 2 mangos
  • Presentation: Team 1 with the mango flower
  • Best Tasting: Team 3 with the sweetest
  • Closest Time Estimate: Team 1 coming within 3 minutes of their prediction
    • Team key below

This activity was not only a team-building activity but also an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the local culture and gain an appreciation for the daily routine of our cooks at the Moffat Guest House. We encountered the expected gender roles of Kenyan culture (women do the work in the kitchen), the relational process of bartering, and the hesitation of the Kenyan judges in clearly defining winners and losers that contrasted sharply with our American comfort with competition.

After the mango race and lunch, we had the chance to get to know some of the students from Moffat Bible College. We were able to ask each other many questions and learn about the differences between their college and Messiah College. More or less, we compared cultures on a wide gamut of topics including bride price, divorce, homosexuality, school life, and faith.


The day resulted in a beautiful mash-up of Western and Kenyan culture. For those writing, the day was one of the most educational yet!

With love,

Becca, David, & Caleb

P.S. The water was only off for a couple hours–we’re back in business now.

Team Key

  • Team 1: Lindsay, Becca, Megan, Maddie
  • Team 2: Kenzie, Caleb, Annalise
  • Team 3: Alli, David, Kara, Lauren
  • Team 4: Dr. and Mrs. Dixon


  1. These smiles say it all. Your trip is amazing and your “work” is a gift. You will be changed forever. Loving the posts and so proud for all f you!!
    Kenzie’s Mommom Grace



  2. So glad to hear that you have your water back! I am very jealous, as mango is one of my favorite foods 🙂 Enjoy the next adventure and remember to let God guide your steps.
    amani na Baraka (Peace and Blessings)
    Judy (Megan’s Mom)



  3. Love your posts. I notice team #4 didn’t score real well. I’m Dr. Dixon’s Mom☺ Sounds like a fun time!!! Blessings!!



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