Higher, Jesus, Higher

Hi everyone! Today we had the opportunity to attend Rift Valley Fellowship’s church service. The service lasted a total of two and a half hours and included singing, testimonials and a sermon. At the beginning, our friend from RVF, Kezzia, led the congregation in African worship songs, like Higher, Jesus, Higher. Then, all guests were asked to come to the front and introduce themselves to the congregation. Next, one of the pastors asked if anyone from the congregation wanted to come to the front and lead worship. An RVF leader stood up and said that she wanted to sing with the Women of Courage. All the women went to the front and sang three songs while clapping, cheering, and dancing.

When they finished, our group was asked if we would sing for the church. With much hesitation, we went to the front and sang Mighty to Save and Here I am to Worship. We then rushed back to our seats to avoid being asked to sing another song. Then, four women who are a part of Women of Courage took turns sharing their testimonies. Kezzia led everyone in another song before the guest preacher shared his message on Matthew 7.


After church, we were able to help serve the congregation lunch. RVF does this every week because many of their attendees do not know where their next meal is coming from. Additionally, we spent time getting to know the children while everyone was eating. After everyone was served food, we went to eat our own lunch at a restaurant called Java House. We are now back at the guest house enjoying a relaxing evening.

Thanks for staying updated on our journey!

~ Alli and Annalise

P.S. We saw our first zebras today! They were grazing on the side of the road as we drove by.

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