Elephants, Giraffes, and Kenya! Oh my!

Today was a wild day. Literally. We headed towards the capital of Nairobi (the suburbs, don’t worry).  We were true tourists today as we visited Nairobi’s Elephant Orphanage. Many of us were overly enthusiastic about seeing and petting baby elephants, and our expectations were exceeded! We saw 29 elephants total, ranging from 8 months to 4 years of age. All of the elephants we saw were rescued from drought, poaching, or elephant traps. Without being rescued, they probably would have died in the wild, especially without their mothers. They will be released when they’re of age and ready to live without assistance.  When we were there, the elephants were rolling around in mud, spraying water, and covering themselves in dirt, but also getting some love from the tacky tourists. There was also a surprise appearance by a lion in the distance.


After the elephants went back to their homes, we went to lunch at Mamba Village. Let us say that this place was high class! We had a four-course meal by the water and we were surrounded by beautiful restaurant scenery. Along with the classy restaurant, there were cats everywhere waiting for a bite to drop. With our full stomachs, we left and went to the Giraffe Center. There we were given pellets to feed the giraffes. We met 4 different giraffes and fed, petted, and kissed them.  All of the adventurous students put a pellet between their teeth and let the giraffes eat the pellets out of their mouths. Great pictures to follow! There was a pretty cool gift shop there where many souvenirs were purchased. There was an hour-long drive filled with lots of sightseeing back to our guest house. We even stopped at a small stand outside of Kijabe that was selling roasted corn. We all got to try it, and it’s very different than the roasted corn at home!

The rest of the night was spent having dinner, debriefing, and playing games. Thanks for checking in!

-Lindsay and Maddie

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