Does This Count as a Chapel Credit?

Hello everyone!

Today we began our day with our new friends at Moffat Bible College. We were able to sit in on chapel, and listen to Isaac speak to the students. We compared differences and similarities from the chapel here to Messiah’s chapel back home. Isaac ran a little long and just like Messiah students, the Moffat students were getting antsy (they don’t like their chai time to be cut short).

After that we ventured back down to RVF for lunch and to visit the IDP (Internally Displaced Person) camp. We split up into two groups and visited homes to listen to people’s stories. A lot of the people living in the camp were displaced due to tribal violence because of politics. These women and children have seen more than any of us would understand. Habitat for Humanity came in and built houses for the people living in the IDP camp, RVF helps people deal with the long-term effects of their experiences. They sit down with the people and listen to their stories, showing them that there is someone who cares about them. RVF walks with people for the long haul. In addition, RVF has helped some women from Maai Mahiu rent or purchase homes  from people who have moved out of the camps for various reasons. This allows the women to stay off the streets. There is a ravine close to the camp which  becomes extremely dangerous due to the fact that it floods quickly, but don’t worry, mom, it didn’t flood while we were there.

We got a special treat for dinner… we visited some Messiah alumni, including one who just happened to room with Dr. Dixon in college. We were served some very yummy Indian food, and brownies and ice cream for dessert. Of course we had to hear interesting stores about Dr. Dixon… and there were many stories to listen to.

We have all survived the first half of the trip and are loving the very warm weather (sorry to all of you in the freezing snow)!

Megan and Kara


  1. You are a blessed group as you are blessings to others. Be proud and be humbled by the wonderful experiences you are being provided.
    Hugs to all,
    Kenzie’s Mommom Grace



  2. I hope you are having a fabulous experience in Kenya, Megan Pendergast! Prayers are being sent to you and your traveling companions on a daily basis! 😘



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