A Down Day

After several days of activities, our crew was getting pretty tired. Today was a day to catch our breath and try out some individual activities. Some of our group visited a college class for Kenyan students; one shadowed a physical therapist at the hospital wing for children with special physical needs; others took the opportunity to sleep in a bit. Later several visited the dukas (shops) to collect some souvenirs and gifts. Exactly what they found should probably remain a mystery for a few more days.

Robin and I grabbed chai, mandazis and samosas at Mama Chiku’s cafe. Mama Chiku’s is a long-standing institution at the dukas. Chai (Kenyan tea), mandazis (like donuts) and samosas (spicy meat pies) are popular favorites. Our midmorning snack set us back $1.70.

Later in the afternoon we spent time talking about the course readings (yes, this is a class, after all!) and watched a bit of a Moffat soccer game.

By the end of the day, most of us were feeling reenergized for the couple busy days ahead. Hard to believe the trip is half over already!

Dave & Robin

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