A Busy Afternoon

Hey everyone!

Today we had free morning with a busy afternoon.

It was a relaxing morning as many of us slept in. Later in the morning a group of us went and played some volleyball before the rain started. After that, we played some cards until Isaac and Esther arrived.

Once they arrived, we took a tour of CURE Children’s Hospital in Kijabe, which specializes in treating children with bone conditions such as clubfoot. We got to see the casting rooms, x-ray rooms, and how the prosthetics are made with the help of a 3D printer installed by Messiah College’s Collaboratory. Unlike what would happen in the U.S., we were also able to see the patients and talk with them all. Most of them were in recovery from a surgery. It was sad to see young kids with such serious conditions.

After the hospital visit we went up to our friend Dan’s house and spent some time talking with Isaac and Esther. Isaac shared a powerful story of his upbringing and why he focuses his ministry in Mai Mahiu. We got to ask them any questions we wanted about their lives, their culture, even bride prices. It was great to have the opportunity to talk with them on a deeper level. Many of us were touched by their story. Although today was low-key, tomorrow we are in for a full day of sports and games with the kids of RVF.

-Lauren and Kenzie

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