Time to Work!

Today was out last day down in the valley. We spent the day at Lulu’s Place, where we got to spend more time with the boys and girls who live with RVF. While we were there the RVF staff put us to work. A few people helped prepare lunch, others helped dig 6 three-foot-deep, 20-inch-wide holes around the property for security light poles and others helped to prepare concrete. Digging the holes should have been easy, but since there were only three shovels we had to get creative using crowbars, jembes (like hoes), and plastic buckets. By lunchtime nearly everyone was covered in sweat and dirt.

After lunch with the kids and RVF staff, we prepared bags of food for family members of the kids who live with RVF. The mothers came to pick up the food, and we had the opportunity to pray for them and their families.


Then the time came for us to say goodbye to the kids and the RVF staff. Saying goodbye was not easy, but we are all grateful for the time we had to spend with them and be involved in their ministry.

We are ending the night with another movie at Dan’s house. Tonight’s feature film is Animals Are Beautiful People and we think it may give a little bit more accurate description of the animals than the Lion King 🙂

Thanks for checking in!

  • Alli and Annalise

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