Sunday Funday!

Church starts late in Kenya! We attended Rift Valley Academy for their 11:15 a.m. service. This service was attended by the students and staff families. It was Titchie Sunday (children led worship). Multiple groups of children came up on stage to lead various songs and spoken word readings. The speaker was a RVA alum who currently has three children enrolled in the school. He spoke about what is “cool” in the world’s eyes compared to what is “cool” in God’s eyes. For example, ripped jeans, Will Smith, and mismatched socks may be famous to people, but justice, kindness, and following God with your whole heart are considered “cool” in God’s eyes. Overall, the speaker made many points that left us asking how we can please God.

The rest of our day consisted of card games, a trip to the dukas, photo shoots, and a debriefing session. We said a hard goodbye to Esther and Isaac who will soon be leaving to come to the states and raise support for their ministry in Kenya. We are continually thankful for their care, support, and hospitality impacting our experience. Make sure to ask us about them because they guided us through our journey here and showed us some important sights.

Tomorrow morning we are heading to Masai Mara for our safari! This hotel is said to be top star and we are all very excited for what is to come. Don’t worry about us, but we won’t have very reliable WiFi during this time. We’ll be excited to share pictures when we return!

Thanks for checking in!

Lindsay and Maddie

P.S. from David & Robin, the coleaders: As Lindsay and Maddie noted, for the next three days we will be on safari in the African bush. The hotel where we are staying does have wifi, but because of its remote location, it is slow and unreliable at best. We have other ways to communicate in the event of an emergency, but posting to the blog might be tricky. We’ll try to update, but if you don’t hear from us, we’re probably just fine.

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