When I was a Young Warthog

Hey everyone!

Don’t worry, we arrived safely at Masai Mara, but just to let you know, we don’t think anyone is going to be coming home! It is beautiful here!

We left the Moffat Guest House at 7:00 this morning and drove four hours with one stop at a mall (a Kenyan version of Walmart). We arrived at Fairmont Safari Club just in time for our three course lunch (which included dessert). We had a little bit of free time to get to know our neighbors . . . the hippos! Each tent is along the river and you can hear and watch the hippos from the front porch. Our tents are extremely high-end, which includes running water, a hot shower, and a toilet. Glamping is our new best friend!

At 3:30 we left for our first, out of four, safari trips. We were split into two land rovers and saw many amazing animals. Some of them included white rhinos, giraffes, zebras, dikdik, jackal, mongoose, topi, gazelle, warthogs (AKA Pumba) and so on. Fun facts: There are only two white rhinos in the entire game park, and they have their own personal armed body guards (don’t worry, mom, we didn’t make the guards angry). Also the term “white rhino” originated from the word “wide” because they have wide mouths, but there was a pronunciation mistake leading to the name “white” instead of “wide.”


We are ending our amazing first day at Masai Mara with a fancy dinner in the dinning room with our new friends, the lizards. Check back tomorrow to see what new animals we find!

Megan and Kara

P.S. We are currently all trying to figure out the best way to become safari guides.

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