Not Safe For Work: The Final Entry

WARNING: The following blog entry is rated NSFW for violence, gore and sexuality.

After our amazing experience yesterday watching a lion kill a baby warthog, most of us expected that our final game ride this morning would be fun but a bit anticlimactic. Wow, were we wrong!

The first order of business was trying to find a leopard to complete our sighting of the Big Five. For game viewers, the Big Five—the most popular and difficult animals to see—are elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard. Of those, the rare and elusive leopard is the most difficult to find. Beginning at the crack of dawn at 6:30, our two vehicles went separate ways looking for a leopard. One of our cars succeeded in a brief sighting, but the cat melted into the brush too quickly for a photograph.

A few minutes later, both vehicles met at the site of jackals eating a freshly killed baby gazelle. (That’s the violence and gore part.) Hey, we had eggs and sausage for breakfast, too.


Going our separate ways again, one of the cars came across a pair of ostriches who were interested in continuing the species. Ostriches have a brief but dramatic mating dance, which we were able to watch and video. (Yeah, that’s the sexuality part of the blog.)

At the very end of the ride, we were extremely lucky to spot yet another leopard, far off the road in the brush. This time both cars were able to see the leopard to chalk up the Big Five, although pictures were difficult, as is typical with leopards.

After a big breakfast, we left the safari camp and returned to Kijabe.

This is the last blog entry for our trip. Tomorrow we have a packing day at Kijabe, intended to give us time to get last-minute gifts, return things we’ve borrowed from people here and be sure our suitcases aren’t overweight. It’s a surprising amount of work to get organized for travel again. We’ll also spend some time reviewing some of the major themes of the course.

Friday morning we leave Kijabe at 9:30 our time, and the trip home will begin. See you all in a couple days!

Dave & Robin

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