We’re Not in Grantham Anymore

The roaring of the hippos and a friendly “Jambo!” accompanied by chai was just the start to an incredible day. We went out to the plains early in the morning before breakfast, came back for a couple meals and some pool time, and then went back out again for a couple of hours for more excitement.

In the morning, we came across cape buffalos, hyenas, and two male lions on the prowl. Near the end of our ride, we saw three lionesses with seven cubs playing! After we came back and had breakfast, we had a few hours of relaxation by the pool. Then we ate some more and headed back out to the African bush.


Our second ride held even more excitement! We stumbled upon a very content cheetah, were surprised by elephants (big and small), and ended the ride with a lion hunt (don’t worry, there are still 13 people on this trip). The three lionesses strategically stationed themselves to trap a warthog family. When the warthogs began to run, one lioness chased them down, sinking its jaws into a small warthog’s neck. It was a kill! What an afternoon!

We ended our night with a dance led by some Masai men, an excellent opportunity to release some whoops and hollers.

Kwa heri!

David, Caleb, and Becca

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